How to buy Machinery at GloAuc?

Buying Machinery at GloAuc is very easy:

Step 1: Log on to GloAuc and search and order your desired vehicle
Step 2: Receive your vehicle at your defined port

What is FOB cost?

FOB means the actual cost of the vehicle. FOB cost does not include any shipment or insurance cost.

What is CIF?

CIF means the total cost incur during the procurement of the Machinery. This cost includes the actual cost of the Machinery (FOB) plus the additional cost of the shipment and insurance for delivering the cost from one port to another.

What do you mean by GloAuc’s Lowest Price Guarantee?

GloAuc has been operating in Japanese used Machinery industry for a quite some time. Having spent so many years in the industry, GloAuc has created a strong network of shipping companies, clearing agencies and vendors which helps GloAuc in offering the lowest price for any used vehicle from Japan.

How to reserve a Machinery?

When you need to reserve a Machinery, go on the individual Machinery’s detail page and click on Reserve Now. The reserved Machinery will not be available for any other buyer if the payment is made within 48 hours of reserving the vehicle.

How long a Machinery is reserved for?

Once you have reserved a Machinery, it stays locked for 48 hours. If the payment is made within 48 hours the purchase is finalized. However, in case of non-payment within 48 hours, the Machinery is available to other buyers.

What does add to Cart mean?

Add to cart means that you are only adding the item in the basket of items you are interested in but you want to continue shopping as you would like to look for other options as well.

What is GloAuc?

GloAuc is the optimum Machinery purchasing platform that lets buyers around the globe purchase and import premium quality Machinery, directly from Japan.

Browse through online collection of more than 10,000+ Machinery which are updated on a weekly basis and select your favorite vehicle. Once you have reserved your desired vehicle, we’ll take care of the shipment and documentation-related troubles for you.

What are the office hours?

GloAuc is open 6 days in a week. To help you with queries, our customer executives are available 24 hours.

What languages is used for business?

We conduct business in English as primary language. However, we can do discuss business in other languages if need be.

What currencies are accepted??

GloAuc only accepts U.S. dollar and Japanese yen only as payments.

Kindly note that GloAuc takes all the payments in the form of a bank remittance. This helps the buyer and seller to have official written record of the payment transaction. Under no circumstances do we accept any form of cash.

How I can sign up at GloAuc?

To sign up, visit and click on sign up button. Simply follow the steps and add information.

Why is it important to provide WhatsApp number for signing up at GloAuc?

We usually communicate over WhatsApp as it makes the communication easier. Via WhatsApp you get instant updates about your vehicle

What if I change my WhatsApp number?

You can always change your WhatsApp number in your customer area at GloAuc. Please note that after changing WhatsApp number, your new number have to be verified as well.

Is there a membership fee to join or register at GloAuc?

No, there is no membership fee to register at GloAuc. You can always Sign Up for free.

What is a dedicated account manager?

A dedicated account manager is a representative from GloAuc who works on your account only. A dedicated manager is responsible for your vehicle procurement, documentation, shipment and payment process. The dedicated account manager is your point of contact to all the matters regarding your vehicle related queries and solutions at GloAuc.

Where can I view Vehicle purchase history?

You can view complete vehicle purchase history in your account area. Just log in to your account area and go to Dashboard and click delivered Machinery tab from the existing orders section. You will be able to review complete details of all the Machinery which you have purchased including order date, payment details, delivery date and the documents.

How to change my payment options?

GloAuc only accepts payments via wire/bank transfers. However, you can change the currency from Yen to USD, or your bank details by going into your account area and selecting my bank information.

You can also change information while placing your order. However once the order is placed, you may cannot change the currency.

How can I change password?

Changing password is easy. Go to login and security in Account settings section and click on update password. You can update your password in simple steps.

What to do if I forget my password?

In case you have forgotten your password, you can always change it in 3 simple steps. Simply select forgot password option while logging into GloAuc, we will send you a One Time Password on your registered number. Enter the OTP to verify it is you, and then update your password.

What happens in case of fraudulent emails?

GloAuc has very stringent account security policies and never asks for sensitive information over email communication. In case you receive any such email, immediately inform your dedicated account manager and/or email us at Our team. Will take all the necessary actions to ensure your account safety.

Who does inspection for GloAuc Machinery?

Every car sold through GloAuc is inspected & graded by Japan’s reputed Shaken Japan. Shaken Japan is world’s leading company for conducting used car inspection and grading. It has the necessary technical ability and automated systems to conduct all kinds of vehicle inspections.

What are the types of inspections offered for Machinery?

Every Machinery sold through GloAuc is inspected & graded by Shaken Japan’s Fuji System. The Fuji System is the most advanced vehicle inspection and evaluation system to determine the grade and condition of Machinery. The following inspections are offered in Fuji System:

● Asian Gypsy Moth Inspection
● Biosecurity Inspection
● Radiation Inspection
● Roadworthiness Inspection
● Vehicle History Report
● Lost/De-Registration Documents
● CFC/HFC Gas Removal
● Machinerygo Survey
● Border Inspection

What is Inspection Report?

An inspection report a Machinery is generated after conducting through analysis of Machinery including even the minutest of detail. The inspection report accounts for a Machinery’s internal and external condition including details of any dents, scratches, mechanical or electrical shortcomings as well as the mileage and maintenance history of the vehicle.

What are the parameters considered while inspecting a Machinery?

For the Machinery under inspection and grading, more than 110 factors are consider. These factors include parameters from the interior, exterior, mechanics, electrics, mileage and maintenance history of the vehicle.

Is it mandatory to inspect a Machinery before & after shipment?

Inspection becomes mandatory when a Machinery is about to be shipped out of Japan. Pre-inspection has also become mandatory by many countries to eliminate the presence of contaminants that might pose threat to their native environment or to see if the vehicle meets the roadworthiness standards.

In case the Machinery is not pre-inspected, it is usually withheld on the port until a local inspection firm clears the Machinery. However, in most cases the Machinery is not shipped out of Japan until it is inspected thoroughly by a well reputed inspection firm.

Is the inspection report by GloAuc globally accepted?

Every Machinery sold through GloAuc is inspected & graded by Japan’s reputed Shaken Japan. The inspection and grading report generated by Shaken Japan is accepted all over the world.

Are the Machinery listed on Gloauc inspected and verified?

All the Machinery listed on GloAuc are inspected and verified through Shaken Japan.

What if there are any alterations proposed during pre-shipment inspection?

Alterations can always be made during pre-shipment process. All the alterations are done against the charges (as per alterations). You can re download the invoice with added alteration charges from customer area to begin shipment process.

What is Machinery Grade?

Machinery grade determines the internal, external electrical as well as the mechanical condition of the Machinery. Machinery is graded A – F which accounts for the mileage, body condition, suspension, interior, engine, fuel and other parameters of the Machinery. The Machinerys graded A means it is in mint condition and those falling in F category means they are flooded or severely damaged.

What Machinery grading system does Gloauc follow?

GloAuc uses Fuji System by Shaken Japan. Fuji System is the most advanced, smart & fastest growing grading system in Japan and worldwide.

Fuji System provides detailed pre-shipment inspection and certification of cargo. The system embraces every minute detail that may or may not affect the price, condition, engine or history of a vehicle.

How can I find out the grade of my Machinery?

Every Machinery you purchase from GloAuc comes with a grading sheet by Shaken Japan. This grading sheet specifies the grade of the car.

What is the criteria for Machinery grading?

When a Machinery comes for evaluation, it is analyzed on more than 100 factors before being awarded a grade. The grades are categorized depending upon the milestone, over all body condition, running parts and maintenance history of the vehicle. The better the condition and lesser the milestone, the bigger the grade of a Machinery.

Does GloAuc provide marine insurance?

Yes. All the Machinerys sold through GloAuc have 100% marine insurance. This is to ensure that your vehicle reaches you unscathed without any unreported damages during shipment process.

What are the charges of Marine Insurance?

You have to pay ¥1000 or $10 to acquire marine insurance for your vehicle. The marine insurance cost is added to your total bill in the invoice.

What are the damages covered by marine insurance?

Any damage that is caused between the time that a vehicle is loaded on the vessel and until it has arrived and off boarded on the destination port is covered under marine insurance Marine insurance doesn’t cover any damages incurred to the vehicle while it is parked in the shipment yards of departure or destination ports.

What are the documents provided by GloAuc when I buy a Machinery?

You as an importer, GloAuc provides the documents:

1. Bill of Lading (B/L)
2. Export Certificate
3. Commercial Invoice

If your government requires, we will also send you the following:

4. Inspection Certificate

What is the Bill of Lading?

A bill of lading (BL) represents a legal document issued by a carrier to a shipper that states the type, quantity and destination of the goods being carried. A bill of lading also serves as a shipment receipt when the carrier delivers the goods at a predetermined destination.

Can the documents be shipped at a different address?

Your documents will be shipped to the address you provide in your customer area. You can also change your document delivery address in Customer Area on the website. Or you can choose to get it delivered to Consignee or Notifier’s address.

Can I change the consignee address on the B/L after my vehicle is shipped?

Once the vehicle is shipped, you cannot change the consignee address.

Can the consignee address be changed before the shipment of a vehicle?

Yes, you can always change the consignee address before the shipment of vehicle.

Can I track the documents sent by GloAuc?

Yes, you can always track the documents in Shipment & tracking page in the account area lists the courier tracking number once your documents are processed for dispatch.

Can I view Bill of Lading, Inspection Certificate in my area?

In the Shipment & tracking page in the account area, you can view scans of documents corresponding to each Machinery which is shipped. The scan copies can only be viewed in customer area. GloAuc never shares documents through email or WhatsApp or any other medium, outside customer area. Please make sure to download scan documents through customer area only.

How to view my vehicle’s shipping schedule?

The shipping schedule is available in the customer area and can be viewed in the shipment and tracking section.

Can I track the shipping vessel?

Unfortunately, the information related to the tracking of the shipping vessel is not available.

How can I see if the shipping vessel actually left as scheduled?

Please visit your Shipment Tracking page on your customer area to view the progress of your shipment.

Can an order for reserved Machinerys be cancelled?

You can always cancel order for a reserved Machinery. However, there is a penalty that will be imposed as per GloAuc policies.

Is there a penalty for cancelling a reserved order?

Yes, a penalty will be imposed as per GloAuc policies.

Whats the penalty if I don’t pay before the deadline?

To view the penalties please refer to out Terms and Conditions.

How to make payments at GloAuc?

In customer area, download the bank form. Once downloaded, make payment in defined bank account. Once payment is finzalized, upload bank receipt of payment with visible bank stamp in account area.

What is bank form & invoice?

A Bank form means a filled document that can be downloaded from Customer Area. This form is submitted in the bank to start payment process. Whereas, Invoice is a document that comprises of all the costs of your vehicle. This includes FOB, shipment, insurances, alterations and any other charges that are incurred during the process of vehicle procurement.

Is there an IBAN Code for bank account?

No, we don’t have any IBAN Code. Japanese Banks don’t have IBAN code. Please ask your bank to use the Swift Code.

Where to get bank form & Invoice from?

To get bank form and invoice form; go to customer area and download bank form and invoice from reserved Machinery section.

Where can I get an updated invoice, once I have made a partial payment for an order?

To get an updated invoice, you need to download again the invoice from partial payment section in customer area.

How to upload the bank receipt?

To upload bank receipts, go to Customer Area. Click on ‘upload bank slip / TT copy’. A dialogue box will open. Just upload the receipt of payment with visible bank stamp in the respective field.

Can I make payment in my local currency?

GloAuc only accepts USD or JPY as payment currency.

Can you provide me with a receipt for my payment?

Yes, you can always check on your payment status in Customer Area.

How long does it take for bank remittance to be transferred to GloAuc bank account?

Usually it varies according to the bank you are making transaction from. On average, it takes up to 24-72 hours for payment to get transferred.

What happens when the bank remittance is not transferred to GloAuc account in time?

In case the payment is not reflected in GloAuc’s account in pre-defined time, a penalty will be imposed as per GloAuc’s policies.

What to do in case of money transfer limitation between countries?

If your country restricts you to make payment of high value, you can use multiple accounts – break the payments and make full payment through multiple accounts. You also have the option of installments, where you can make periodic payments, just be sure they are made within deadlines.

Are there any payment plans offered by GloAuc?

GloAuc has 2 payment plans for its buyers:
60% payment – pay 60% upfront payment and the rest after the vehicle is ready for shipment.
100% payment – pay 100% upfront payment.

How can I change payment currency?

Please note that once you choose a currency of payment at the time of initial payment, it becomes fixed payment currency. Kindly choose payment currency carefully while making initial payment as it cannot be changed later.

Why is it important to provide my bank name?

Providing bank name is important; in case your payment is not reflected in GloAuc’s account, we will directly contact your bank on your behalf for easy payment transfer.

Why it’s important to provide the contact details of my bank manager?

Bank manager details are important because our executives may personally assist your payment transaction process in case of any issue in payment transfer process from bank to GloAuc.

What is Shaken Japan?

Shaken Japan Specializes in providing the best Inspection Services of Motor Machinery in Japan. From headlights to bumpers, chassis to interiors and everything in between, SJ offers automotive testing and certification of all kinds of motor Machinery with its industry leading technical expertise.

Is the Shaken Japan report trusted and recognized worldwide?

Shaken Japan inspection process and grading system is recognized all over the world for used Machinerys.

What is the total number of Machinery in stock at GloAuc?

The total number Machinerys in GloAuc stock is 650,000+. It also varies on the destination country you want to import Machinery to.

How can I check if someone is falsely claiming number of Machinery?

To find out someone’s claim on number of vehicle. First note down the number of Machinery they are claiming to have. Next, go to their website and check their inventory number. Now match the two. If both numbers are the same the claim is valid, else it is not.

How long will it take for the shipping vessel to reach my port?

Owing to a very strong shipping network, GloAuc ensures the shipment of the vehicle(s) in a very timely manner. The durations of the shipment given below are estimates and is calculated based on our past shipments and are not guaranteed. The origin of all the shipments are from the Japanese port.

Africa: approximately 3–5 weeks
Georgia: approximately 6 weeks
Caribbean: approximately 3–5 weeks
Pacific Region: approximately 1 week
South America: approximately 4 weeks

What are consignee details?

The consignee is the recipient of the goods being shipped. A consignee is a customer or client.
The following factors needs to be understood at the time of providing the booking information:
- The shipping company will delay the booking if the consignee’s complete name and address is not given.
- The consignee’s name should be absolutely error free since even the smallest amendments in the B/L will cost you additional time and money.

What are the notifier details?

The notify party can be the consignee, the clearing agent at the destination port, or it could a third party who has been promised the goods by the original buyer or consignee.

It could also be the consignee’s customer to whom the goods have been sold during the transit of the cargo from origin to destination. In general terms, the consignee is the party who makes payment to the seller towards the purchase of cargo. But the same consignee need not always be the one receiving it.